FROM OFFICE TO THE STAGE An exciting event held for the contestants from corporate companies to perform songs on the stage. We are going to hold the 7th “From Office To the Stage” Song Contest Event in 2017, receiving an increased interest with enthusiasm from the best local and global companies in Turkey. The contest actually has two parts: in the first part the contestants compete against each other to be one of the 8 finalists; who then participate in the second part to be the winner of the Grand Prize while their friends support them in an exciting and entertaining environment. The Grand Prize is  a travel to a country where a renowned music event is taking place. The application for participation in the 7th From Office To the Stage Event is still open for 2017. Previous winners and their prizes are as follows:

  • AVEA: Musikişinas, Grand Prize: Black Eyed Peppers Concert in Paris, 2011
  • IPSOS: Beter Bros, Grand Prize: Single Album Record in USA, 2012
  • TURKCELL: Celloband, Muse Concert in England and Whiskey Tasting in Scotland, 2013
  • 3M: Band-it, Grand Prize:Tokyo Travel,2014
  • VIVAKI: Media Player, Travel to Greece and River Party,2015
  • PEGASUS: Pegasus Band, Grand Prize: Participation to the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes and accommodation in the famous Carlton Hotel which hosted the world famous stars.

Some of the contestants include the following: Citibank, Astra Zeneca, Pirelli, ABank, Nestle, Abbott, Anadolubank, ING Bank, Jotun, Avea, Tüpraş, Netaş, İpsos KMG, TTNET, Turkcell, Ford, TEI, Microsoft, Doğuş Oto, Şişe Cam, Hürriyet, Eczacıbaşı İlaç, Ericsson, 3M,  McCann Erickson, T-Bank, TUSAŞ, Vodafone, Cocacola, KPMG, Vestel, Bosch, Anadolu Sigorta, Finansbank,  Alcatel Lucent, Odeabank, AkçanSA, Kaya Grubu, Garanti Teknoloji, Beymen, Dumankaya, Vestel, Pernod Ricard, Çelebi Holding, Pegasus, Kariyernet, Avivasa, Mercedes Benz, İTÜ; Işık Üniversitesi, Logo ,  Siemens,, Evidea, PG, BDH. The links for the winners and the Grand Prizes in the previous events are as follows:

From Office to the Stage in Figures 

  • 92 Contestants
  • 68 Peformance nights
  • 152 Bands on stage
  • 930 performers from companies
  • 52000 audience from companies
  • 175000 audience reached through social media

For detailed information, please follow the link below: 

FROM OFFICE TO THE KITCHEN “From Office to the Kitchen” is an entertaining and exciting cooking event held for white collar employees from the corporate companies. The event offers an environment to demonstrate teamworking, creativity and time management skills in an exciting contest atmosphere. Teams are selected in tournements held in Professional Kitchen Academias  The 4 corporations receiving the best scores from the jury of bloggers, foreign and local chefs, gurmes goes to the finale. The winner team awarded with a travel to the gurme festivals abroad. The teams participating to the “From Office To the Kitchen” contest not only offers fun and excitement to the employees but also different activities such as trainings, parties and of course Grand Prize Ceremony. “From Office To the Kitchen” is open to all corporate employees keen on eating, cooking and contesting. The 1st Contest held in Usla Kitchen Academia with the participation of the companies  Omni, Albarakaturk, Soyak Enerji, BKM, Anadolu Sigorta 1, Isuzu, Bilim İlaç, Jotun, Takeda, Nustil, Anadolu Sigorta 2, Hayat Kimya, WTC, Turkcell Global Bilgi, Bosch, Coca Cola İçecek, Polisan. The corporate companies receiving the category prizes hosted in the most prestigious Hotels and niche restaurants in Turkey. 1st “From Office To the Kitchen” winner JOTUN traveled to Dusseldorf Gourme Festival between 25-28 August 2016. Team stayed in the Wyndam Garden Hotel and had an exciting experience in the traditional and gourme restaurants.

  • Jotun /Winner/Grand Prize
  • Coca Cola /The best starter
  • Bosch / The best main course
  • Jotun / The best dessert
  • Albarakatürk / The fastest team
  • Takeda / The most creative team
  • Anadolu Sigorta 1 / The wonderful teamworking
  • Albarakatürk / The most liked starter in social media
  • Hayat Kimya / The most liked main Dish in social media
  • Alabarakatürk / The most liked dessert dish in social media

The information for the 2nd Contest which shall be held in Zorlu Eataly in February/March 2017 can be found on the link below.